Back to School – FREE FROM Healthy Snacks

Back to School in September always brings new beginnings for everyone, not just school children, but adults too, as we settle into the promise of new tasks ahead.  Some would call it the ‘second new year’ with new big projects, goal setting and deadlines! Whatever you call it, there is excitement in the air, as we […]

Matters of the Heart

We make our cookies with LOVE, so when you are thinking about matters of the heart, so are we! Did you know it makes a difference to the recipe if we also think about making them with love? At Wise Bites we believe our products turn out extra special because we do make them with […]

We Won! How Sweet is That?

This May we took part in the BC Food Processors annual event. In 4 nail biting minutes we presented our product and story before a panel of judges. Nerves aside, it was worth it! We won the Rising Star in Food Processing award and it feels good to be recognized for our hard work. Here’s […]