Allergy-Safe Gingerbread Cookies!

Allergy-Safe Gingerbread Cookies!

We know just how tricky it is to navigate the holiday season when you or someone you love has food allergies. Baked goods abound, whether from the home kitchens of people we know or the hundreds of bakeries overseas that pile our grocery stores high with cakes and other treats this time of year. It’s tough to be sure of ingredient lists and tougher still to be confident there hasn’t been dangerous cross-contamination. Even if allergies aren’t a concern in your household, knowing what’s safe to send to school parties or to serve at your holiday open house is a challenge.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about our latest product offering, Ginger Babies!

These little gingerbread guys are free of the top 11 allergens and made with the same iron-, protein- and fibre-rich mix of ingredients you’ve come to expect from Wise Bites. There is no gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, egg or soy in Ginger Babies.

Whether or not you suffer from food allergies or sensitivities, we think it’s helpful to have holiday treats on hand that aren’t overflowing with calories, sugar and fat. Most gingerbread cookies out there are over-sized and covered in icing. That’s why we created a holiday-themed version of our cookies, known for their all-natural sweeteners and modest amount of heart-healthy fats. (See my note on the box above!) Inside each box are 10 moderately sized gingerbread men at 25 grams each. Instead of covering them in icing full of food colouring and refined sugar, we’ve simply dipped their wee hands and feet in our usual high-quality, dairy-free chocolate. Each cookie is individually wrapped, which makes it easy to pop one in a school lunch bag or your purse, and means the food allergic people in your life can be confident there’s no cross-contamination on the treat table.

Want to know more? Read the ingredient list above!

This product is also the first to be issued with our new logo and packaging! We hope you’ll agree our sweet little owl is the perfect symbol for the smart choice you make when you choose Wise Bites!

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