Back to School – FREE FROM Healthy Snacks

Back to School – FREE FROM Healthy Snacks

Back to School in September always brings new beginnings for everyone, not just school children, but adults too, as we settle into the promise of new tasks ahead.  Some would call it the ‘second new year’ with new big projects, goal setting and deadlines!

Whatever you call it, there is excitement in the air, as we wind up the free spirit of summer, andfocus on fall’s journey ahead.

A big part of all our fall success, at school or work, will be related to how we eat, and what we eat, and if we remember to eat, as we head out the door! At Wise Bites we believe we have to make it easy for our customers to make good choices in their snack food and that is why our products are conveniently packaged, easy grab n’ go snacks.

You talked and we listened…..every customer, and every family that we serve,  needs the option to buy Wise Bites products in the combinationsthey love !  At Wise Bites we have enjoyed putting NEW FAMILY PACK combinations together to fit the options you have requested, and also the option to ‘Build Your Own Box’ linked here:

Here is an example of just one of many options:
Back to School care packages; are full of great nutrients; protein, fibre and minerals! And ALL products are FREE FROM the TOP 11 Allergens! Almost a prerequisite for late night and libraries, our student care packages are sure to be a hit at home, office, school yard or on campus!

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