Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

We make our cookies with LOVE, so when you are thinking about matters of the heart, so are we!

Did you know it makes a difference to the recipe if we also think about making them with love?

At Wise Bites we believe our products turn out extra special because we do make them with love, every time we make them! And just like in life; there are many ways to show love; let me share with you some other ways we make our products with love… just for you.

At Wise Bites our #1 mandate is health, your health, because that is what we are all about.

When we are developing products, its our passionate intention to make healthier products for the marketplace.

We create healthy baked goods, and then we pack them conveniently, so you can make good choices for your snack food.

Although sweetness and love go together, we have figured out how to give you both, using mostly fruit to sweeten our products. Sugar is cheap, dates are expensive, but because we love our customers and we care about your health, we choose to eliminate as much sugar as we can and still have you enjoying a treat!

We think about your heart, (less oil, less sodium, less sugar), and we care about the nutritional value of every product we make; increasing protein and the very important fibre and minerals not found in others.

We know that without our health; we have nothing!

To celebrate this special love month with those you love; why not send a gift basket with less sugar in it, and more love, without sacrificing delicious taste? A gift truly from the heart!   Click Here

Cathline James
CEO Wise Bites

We have filled up our basket with everything Chocolate;
2 cartons Triple fudge bars,
2 cartons Oat & Quinoa Fudge BARs,
1 Carton Quinoa Hearts
1 Carton Ginger/Chocolate Bites.1 Carton Cranberry/Chocolate Bites
1 Carton Fudge Mint Crinkle Cookies


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