Our Story

My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, when I was only nine years old. Six years later, it came back as bone cancer and my mother passed away when I was 16.

In my mind, I decided that cancer was caused by what we eat. I was convinced that my Mother’s rich diet; heavy in meat, gravy and always a very sweet dessert, stayed in her system too long and caused poison in her body. Based on my opinion at age 16, I began to formulate eating habits that stayed with me my entire life and shaped who I became as a mother, and today as the Founder of Wise Bites.

I began my journey of eliminating certain foods, including meat from my diet. My interest in making healthy food for my family continued as I raised my own children.

However, as news stories became headlines in 2010 about food being full of fillers and chemicals that are all harmful to our health, I became more and more concerned about our grocery store shelf offerings. I also learned the diets of our Canadian children are, despite the media attention about the importance of eating healthy, are still on the decline!

This, being of grave concern to me, led me to question, why there is so little healthy food option in the grocery stores? Why are we still eating so much sugar, why are there so many chemicals in food on store shelves, why is there an increase in food sensitivities? On the BC Cancer web-site we can read about the importance of reducing our consumption of sugar – to reduce our risk of this horrible disease, so why are we still finding it difficult to acknowledge the connection between diet and health and the connection between sugar and cancer? Why can’t we see the connection with how we reward our children today, and the illnesses they may have to endure in the future?

I believe, we don’t make it easy for people to make good choices. As manufacturers and retailers, we need to be more focused on making healthy option readily accessible. Imagine yourself standing at the confectionary stand of any sports arena such as hockey, swimming, baseball, etc. and ask yourself is there a healthy option here for the people we love?

Is there anything other than the worst possible options on offer? Most items include high sugar, high fat and are full of chemicals and additives?

My continued research led me to be appalled with today’s ingredients; the oils – loaded with chemicals to keep them suspended, the flours with added fillers and way too many chemicals, the ridiculous amount of sugar and sodium which are NOT necessary, the lack of any real nutritional value in the “food” we are feeding our families.

I have been an entrepreneur all of my career and this would be my fifth business start- up; however, the passion was there to see if we could make healthier options with increased protein, fibre and minerals, while at the same time; reduce sugar, fat and sodium in all of our products.

This was accomplished by replacing large amounts of refined sugar with date paste, a natural sugar, with added nutritional value. The nutritional value was further increased by selecting quinoa flour, which has all the amino acids required for human consumption, plus minerals and protein, to be our main flour in all products.

Fibre is a very important component to a healthy diet and we at Wise Bites are dedicated to adding fibre through the use of Quinoa Flakes, Flax meal and Acacia Fibre, dried fruits and seeds. We go to the end of the

earth to find the very best sources for protein and the very best sources of fibre; one of which is completely unique to Wise Bites in BC.

We use only non-GMO ingredients, we are certified VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, Nut-FREE, NON-GMO, Kosher plus FREE FROM the top 11 allergens.

Wise Bites is your healthy snack that checks all the right boxes!

We opened Wise Bites with a line of cookies, muffins and cookie bars and have been fortunate enough to win Top 10 Innovative products at Grocery Show Case West in 2013 and BC Processors award for ‘Rising Star’ in the industry in 2016.

In some small way I hope I can inspire people to think about what they are eating, how it affects their health today and tomorrow and to understand the wisdom of eating wisely, one Wise Bite at a time.

Cathline James,

CEO and Founder.